Come And Try Paddling

To book a no obligation trial session please text Sue on 07845 953835


Exe-Calibre Dragon Boat Club is a water sports club located in Exeter, Devon. As a racing club our members train hard and make themselves available for selection to racing crews that compete around the UK.

New members can join us regardless of their age or ability. The basics are easy to learn but the technique takes years to master! After a few weeks of regular training you will see changes in your strength and fitness levels.

Training sessions take place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings. Members are not required to attend all three but as the old saying goes, the more you put in the more you get out!

Prospective new members are always welcome to join us at one of our training sessions. To get involved, call the number above or contact our Recruitment Officer.

Exe-Calibre Dragon Boat Club will offer you a safe and enjoyable introduction to the sport of Dragon Boat Racing. Suitable for all ages, both men and women, you can start at any fitness or ability level. It won’t take long to develop your technique and strengthen your body. A typical session will include the following:

  • A land based warm-up to get the blood flowing
  • A safety briefing from a qualified coach
  • Advice on paddling technique
  • Focused aerobic and anaerobic training pieces
  • Practice start sequences and race distances
  • Land based cool down
  • Drinks in our clubhouse after the session

Dragon boating is an all body sport, which does not just focus on the arms and upper body. When done properly Dragon boat paddling works the muscles in your legs, back, shoulders and core abdominals.

We can be found at Exeter Water Sports Association: 62 Haven Road, Exeter, EX2 8DP


Sounds great, sign me up!